I have many stories about music, dance and sexuality.  I’m not sure where the beginning of the story is or which one offers any sort of explanation, so I will start the only way I know how, with a song.


“Everyone has a story, Chapter 23, is where I get naked on the back porch debris.”

By 2008 I had been playing a cafés, rock clubs and festivals for years, but this year was significant because I was awarded a grant by the Arts and Science Council of Mecklenburg County to record, promote and release an album of original music.  That is how Pinafore was born,Album an album of songs that had been written from 1997 – 2008.  The oldest one, “Pirate girl”, was written about a situation that made me so angry that I still perform it to this day: the names and faces have changed through the years, but it’s the same theme.  “Blue” was finished while we were recording the album, “Maybe it’s right to get it wrong this time…. But I’m sure if I don’t get it right this time I’ll never know what it means.” Pinafore was released and I performed more and more around the Southwest, then I moved to Portland, OR.

I am one of those musicians that find it difficult to write when they’re happy, and I was happy.  I still played out, I wrote some new material about evil dictators and historical figures, anywhere I could find inspiration, because there was no great pain in my life to inspire me. It was at this time I knew I needed to find a way to express my joy and so I turned to dance.  I always loved to dance and when someone suggested aerial dance, I said “why not?”

4945641360_dee75cb0a6_zMeanwhile I was also invited to be stage manager for a Burlesque performer named Madison Moone.  She taught me a lot and I decided to work up a few routines of my own using my experience in music as a guide.  I performed at some amazing venues in the Northeast under the name Sophie Ce Bon: The Bossanova Ballroom in Portland, and The Can-Can and The Triple Door in Seattle.  I also got to do some promotional work for a local female friendly sex shop that was a lot of fun.  It quickly became apparent that I would have to include burlesque as a part of my repertoire!

“And if you walk with me I promise you that I won’t make any guarantees, come fly with me, come dance with me, baby come die with me.”

Anyone alive can tell you that life is a series of ups and downs, to use one of my favorite quotes, “The brighter the picture, the darker the negative.” In June 2011 my life began to fall apart and started to resemble a country song.  I became separated from my husband, I suffered a couple of traumatic events, I lost my home, I lost my dog and I started to drift.  These moments started a whole string of new songs and I found that my need for music came out in full force.  It started when I was packing my things and I found a poem my husband wrote called “I-Centric”, I took it to my piano and the music came pouring out of me, it wouldn’t stop.


guitar“I-Centric a chatter in my brain, too much of me, and I am not the center of the universe.”

I drifted to London, UK; Bloomington, IN; Charlotte, NC; and then to Atlanta, GA where I stayed. Since I moved to Atlanta I have performed several times in burlesque and music (respectively), and I am working on perfecting my technique in aerial dance to incorporate it into my upcoming shows.  It is my hope to find a partner for my music (a drummer), and to start producing unique acts that cover a wide variety of disciplines wrapped up in a single theme.  Until then come listen to my stories and dance beside me.

We're all mad here

“There’s no one here but the cat, and he can’t bring me back.”